Case Studies

How do we collaborate better?

e2v Technologies

The Challenge:  Improving Collaboration & Driving Growth

Our client had developed a new business strategy that required individuals and teams to work together across boundaries – structural, cultural and geographical – that had been created through recent acquisitions.

The Solution:  The Collaboration Workshop

Using the Extended Mind 3B Profile, we examined the natural collaborative tendencies of individuals with the organisation.  We used the results of those collaboration profiles to enable individuals to build intelligent networks with the right balance of Bridging, Bonding and Brokering.

The Experience:  Workshop Design

Our workshops are based on the premise that people learn through experience and the need to create real outcomes for the organisation. The Collaboration Workshop used a number of methods to develop awareness and collaborative behaviour, including LEGO Serious Play, in-depth psychological profiles and genuine organisational challenges.

What's the strategy for our business?


The Challenge: Developing A Strategic View for Senior Managers

UBM is a global events-led marketing and communication services business that has adapted and grown amidst the tectonic shifts of the publishing industry. They have been acquisitive and agile in the face of fierce competition and a revolution in digital technology.  The challenge for Extended Mind was to design and run a workshop that (i) aligned senior managers with the emergent strategy of the organisation and (ii) developed a strategic mind-set that enabled participants to identify ambitious goals for their own part of the business.

The Solution: Thinking Strategically – An Experiental Workshop

We designed our workshop so that delegates could tackle the subject of strategy experientially rather than intellectually.  Rather than spend inordinate amounts of time reflecting on strategy models, we use a variety of methods.

The Experience:

Our programme emerged from the DNA of UBM. Working together, we designed an experiential programme that comprised six modules, all of which challenged the delegates to develop their fundamental leadership skills.  The delegates, all from different functional disciplines, learnt and honed their skills together and built enduring relationships that continue to yield a range of results today.

How do we innovate and grow?

Channel 4

The Challenge: Leadership & Innovation

Channel 4 has built a reputation based on edgy, creative ideas. The advent of digital media technology has meant that the old rulebook for innovation in broadcasting has been discarded: second screen technology, social media and radical audience participation have arrived. How did C4 tackle those challenges?

The Solution: The Connected Leader Programme

One part of the C4 strategy has been to invest in an experiential leadership programme designed to encourage collaboration across organisational boundaries. Channel 4 wanted its leaders to generate fresh thinking by connecting and changing the old tribal identities – created by functional demarcation – and to find brave new ways to connect and to collaborate.

The Experience:

This programme weaves together psychological profiling, experiential workshops and action learning to develop confidence and new leadership skills. Perhaps most importantly, the level playing field created by these challenging experiences resulted in the formation of new organisational networks that transcended traditional functional boundaries.

How do we create leaders with vision?

Mitchells & Butlers

The Challenge: Developing leaders that drive growth & engagement

Mitchells & Butlers is the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK, providing a wide choice of eating-out and drinking experiences. With over 35,000 people in the organisation M&B need leaders who can engage their people with a compelling vision and clear performance expectations. Critically, this needs to happen across all brands and the corporate HQ. The challenge was to create an experiential programme that was pragmatic and results focused.

The Solution: The Courageous Leadership Programme

Across all brands Extended Mind developed the Courageous Leadership programme in partnership with the HR team to build a pragmatic learning experience. Given the culture of the organisation, the programme needed to be brief and to deliver a memorable experience.

The Experience:

The end result of our collaboration with the M&B team was a demanding, short programme with the following components.

Vision & Story: understanding the components of a genuine leadership vision; articulating a leadership vision for individual areas of the business with impact (one day).

The Director’s Cut: A challenging, imersive leadership experience that develops fundamental leadership skills: people engagement, coaching, culture development and performance focus (two days).

How do we improve performance?

Vodafone/Cable & Wireless

The Challenge: Creating Consistent & Robust Performance Conversations

In 2013, Vodafone acquired Cable & Wireless as part of its strategy to develop landline and mobile solutions for its customers. During the transition to the Vodafone Way, Cable & Wireless managers had to adapt their approach to performance conversations in order to be clearer, more robust and in line with Vodafone’s performance management processes and behaviours. The challenge for Extended Mind was to deliver the right workshop that enabled busy managers to genuinely build their confidence and skills.

The Solution: Critical Conversations Workshop

Working in close partnership with the HR Development Team from C&W/Vodafone, we constructed a challenging, experiential workshop for line managers. Using case studies from Enron, some cutting edge neuroscience and tough, customised role-plays and skills-practice sessions, the 3-hour workshop created the right balance of process and practice to achieve real learning.

The Experience:

Delegates discussed the importance of self-awareness in this context through the lens of an Enron case study, then examined the consequences of uncertainty and anxiety on the clarity and impact of performance conversations. Equipped with greater self-awareness and some clear performance management tips and tools, each delegate conducted a 45-minute role-play with professional actors to further develop confidence and skills with this new approach.