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Collaboration Toolkit


Whether you are a large global organisation or a small entrepreneurial company, we can help you build strong leadership teams that collaborate effectively and deliver great results.

Our work brings together business psychology, the Arts, leadership practice and neuroscience in order to build leadership skills that deliver lasting organisational change.

Connected Collaboration

Through experience or instinct, some people build great networks easily. It’s an advantage that not all of us have.
Our intelligent networks process encourages people to think about what they want to achieve, identify the people who might collaborate with them to achieve those goals and evaluate the quality and diversity or their relationships.

Collaboration Toolkit

Extended Mind provides the following tools to develop collaboration for individuals, teams and organisations…


Here is a sample of our most popular workshops


The Collaborative Leader

This intensive workshop uses EM’s proprietary research and tools to enable leaders to lead collaboratively and to create purposeful organisations that work together across traditional siloes and boundaries. A major part of this workshop is the use of the EM network mapping process to develop relationships essential for the delivery of strategic goals.

The Director’s Cut

This is an immersive, challenging workshop that develops confidence and skills for all levels of leadership through a unique experiential learning experience. The Director’s Cut supports the development of our four stage leadership process: Envision, Engage, Enable and Enact.

Leading Change

The purpose of this workshop is to help people lead and navigate their way through change – with confidence. The workshop covers the difference between the process of change and the psychological journey of transition, helps develop an understanding of personal reactions to change and critically evaluates different models and approaches to delivering change.

Inspiration, Influence & Impact

Compelling communication is essential in today’s complex world. This is an immersive workshop designed to help leaders use narrative techniques to communicate and inspire others. In addition to introducing tools that help to create compelling messages, this workshop places a strong emphasis on the skills and confidence to tell great leadership stories with genuine impact.

The Digital Leader

This workshop enables leaders to explore the implications for leadership of the latest trends in digital, mobile and social technology. We examine recent case studies to demonstrate the power and the pitfall of the digital world on business models, leadership behaviour and organisational performance.


Coaching is both an art and a science.

It’s also personal. Our approach to coaching draws on tools and techniques from a diverse range of sources in order to find the most effective approach that brings out the best in every individual.

We offer three streams of coaching services…


We specialise in four key consultancy offerings

Leadership Programmes

We help organisations to design leadership programmes that are leader-centred, offering a combination of leading-edge content and challenging experiences that deliver the organisational outcome.

Organisational Strategy and Board Effectiveness

We offer a challenging, integrated service that helps an organisation to tackle three related questions:

  1. Is our strategy fit for purpose?
  2. Is our board the right composition to deliver our strategy?
  3. How do we engage the organisation in the delivery of the strategy?

Leadership Assessment

Our assessment service affords an organisation the opportunity to identify leaders with the vision and courage to grow the company. We specialise in the assessment of collaborative leaders who can operate across silos and traditional organisational boundaries.

Collaborative Organisations

Our tools and workshops enable us to understand the current state of collaboration within your organisation and with your external partners. We offer a range of programmes and interventions that break down silos and create a connected organisation with common purpose.